St. Petersburg 24 – the catalogue of the organisations: the equipment, the tool for processing of a tree

processing the Equipment, the tool for processing of a tree 1 the Unit Service, open company Complex supply of the enterprises. Available and under the order a wide choice of bearings, driving belts and chains of production of Russia, the CIS, firmsRead More

Drovokol sadko els-2200 + gift

Free delivery across Ukraine! Drovokol SADKO ELS-2200 Features and advantages of model: Purpose of the device - cutting of ready logs of various length on firewood for the furnace, a fireplace, a solid propellant copper or for a fire. At largeRead More

Wooden houses of the manual cabin. construction of houses of the manual cabin.

08 of December 2011 Be careful of fakes! On December 20 2010 our domain in the zone Russian Federation on October 12 2010 New modern architectural solutions of houses on July 28 2010 Special offer - houses from a dry gun carriage all news Contacts St. PetersburgRead More

Cone a screw for cleaverа I will buy –

cleaver: Statistics of inquiry I will buy cleaver (172) drawing … a cone cleaver (74) konusny … sale cleaverа (31) schemes … »More detailed Konusny cleaver: Equipment Bearing knot assembled for konusny cleaverа … A screw cone (drill) at the expenseRead More

Drovokoly-izgotovleniye cleaverов with function of a raskryazhovka

drovokoly-manufacturing cleaverов with raskryazhovka function to ordercleaver vk 36the vk36-machine drovokolny with raskryazhovka functiondrovokolny vk 45 machinesvk 45Contacts спд каунов:Адрес: cues Kiev Region фастовТелефон: 038 044 3604242/+38 066 3051501e-mailsRead More

Wood processing in Russia

processing Cities of ancient Russia Iron shod knifes with bone handles. Nerevsky end, Novgorod. The XII-XIII centuries of GIM. The tree was the main material in Russia. From it стро­или houses, defensive walls, bridges; it applied when manufacturing vehiclesRead More