Not continuous cabins of the wood in Russia

The short comparative analysis of ratios of methods of the main cabins in the countries of the world indicates insufficient attention in Russia to maintaining not continuous cabins of the wood. It is connected with that during the Soviet period the extensive wayRead More

Drovokol al-ko khs 5200 –

Garden equipment Garden equipment +akkumulyatorny garden equipment Storage cultivators Storage scissors Storage trimmer Storage lawn-mowers Storage pressure-blowing devices Storage sprayers Storage brush cutters Storage chain saws Accessories for storage equipmentRead More

Timber mod | fast cabin of a tree 1.6.2/1.5.2

Do not like to waste time? Want quickly and without effort to cut down a tree? Then Timber Mod fashions for minecraft to you is suitable, you should cut down only one block of a tree and other will drop out. But, to cut a tree it is necessary only an axe becauseRead More

Wood cabin «Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich« Russian painting museum Sunday

10.10.2014Французский the painter and the draughtsman, the founder and the largest master of style of rococo Jean Antoine Watteau was born on October 10 1684 годаАнтуан Watteau has lived short life, having died from a consumption in 36 years. Under certificatesRead More

The wood-working tool, the tool for processing of a tree

processing It is rather difficult to imagine process of processing of a tree without the wood-working and derevorezhushchy tool - after all he allows to resolve huge number of various tasks in this sphere. In our Internet shop you have possibility to pick up andRead More

The cabin of the wood which has caused an alarm in poselkovets / city news – articles – news of Artemovsk (бахмут) Donetsk region

The call was very disturbing: near the settlement the Channel goes intensive deforestation. There works that there are mobile lodges are so on a substantial scale conducted. Trees it is cut down almost about hectare, remained one hemp. – Why cut the wood? – askedRead More