Tree ageing, brashirovaniye, brashirovka – services the technology description. tree teksturirovaniye.

processing-> Vagonka, imitation, platbands. 300рм2 Block house. 550рм2 Bar, log. 1200рм2 Materials. Company materials Vitales, quality also are suitable for processing on technology of ageing of wood. On pages of a site the vagonka of the firstRead More

Axe shod, an axe a taiga, a hatchet tourist, an axe a splitting axe, a long axe, an axe of the carpenter to buy an axe the price the handle for an axe (bahco, stanley, kapriol, kraftool, a bison, stayer, work вача, Izhevsk).

the Axe of KRAFTOOL of plotnitskiya, the EXPERT series, 0.6 kg, length of 360 mm, the ergonomic 2-componental fiberglassovy handle (20650-06) Is intended for the cabin, тески and splittings of wood of various breeds. Splitting axes and axes of KRAFTOOL of the EXPERTRead More

The machine for wood processing. the patent Russian Federation 2180882

processing The invention belongs to mechanical engineering area for the wood-working industry and can be used when manufacturing art products such as columns and columns, and also in educational process when training school students and students to art creativityRead More subject: types and classification of drovokolny machines (1/1)

The Drovokolny machine as it is obvious from the name, is intended for a splitting of firewood. In article provided below the drovokolny machine we will call the machine which is carrying out those. operations of a tortsovka and wood split. Principle of work ofRead More

timber fashions for minecraft 1.6.2 – the fast cabin of trees

The tree, to be exact boards and sticks which become from a tree - one of the most important elements in minecraft, by means of a tree become tools, the weapon, and also constructions after the player has entered for the first time into the new world first ofRead More

Hydraulic cleaver – the device, characteristics and operation

The in itself name cleaver already speaks for itself. This adaptation serves for a splitting of firewood. Only does it much easier and quicker, rather than a simple splitting of firewood, by means of a splitting axe. Today there is a set of versions cleaverовRead More