Removal of trees: removal cutting down the cabin a kronirovaniye of trees of emergency difficult dangerous trees parts shaky Moscow area

cabin is shaky a saw cut The main > Removal of trees The company Alptekhnology is engaged in removal of trees of any complexity and in any form (a saw cut of trees, it is shaky or cutting down of trees, etc.) Works are carried out by arborist - professionalsRead More

attack and «the wood cabin» (audiobook) »the world of books – to download books free of charge

the Author: L.N.TolstoyName: Attack and «Wood cabin»Publishing house: BibeThis book has sounded: Julia HoroshinaYear of release: 2012Genre: storiesAudio codec: MP3Bitrate of audio: 128 kbps Duration: 02 h. 00 minutes.Kachestvo:otlichnoyeSize: 114 MbRead More

Drovokol, the drovokolny machine, the machine for a splitting of firewood

Drovokol is a machine which as it is obvious from the name, is intended for splitting of firewood. Under drovokoly in this article the machine which is carrying out only operation of split of wood is meant. A basic element cleaverа - the hydraulic or electricRead More

Manual electric cars for tree processing – page 8

processing Manual electric cars for tree processing (fig. 8). At the manual to joiners work it is a lot of forces and time take away preparation of a material and it draught processing.  Read More

Tools for wood processing – article on a company site a timber-drain of groups

processing The tools applied at processing of wood, represent or simple cutters (for example, a planing knife), or their combination (for example, saws). A simple cutter call elementary. The elementary cutter — is absolutely rigid wedge of an ideal sharpnessRead More

Scientific Production Enterprise energy – cleaver hydraulic semi-automatic

Drovokol hydraulic is intended for a splitting on firewood previously the raskryazhovanny and sawn logs. Drovokol can be used in heating complexes for creation of a stock of fuel for ensuring work of wood boiler rooms and is calculated on work with the dry andRead More