Drovokola: automatic cleaver, electric cleaver. cleaver texas power split 520 h, cleaver texas power split 600 v

, описаниеЦена (rub) Drovokol petrol MTD LS 550 Производитель:MTD Type двигателя:B&S Quantum, 650 Series-190 of cubic cm, Moshchnost:5,5kvt, Effort сжатия:25т, Max. length заготовки:63см, Ves:238.00 кг.101499.00 rub Drovokol electric AL-KO KHS 5200 + oilRead More

What is cleaver?

Drovokol name the machine, intended to do preparation of firewood. It call the machine, a splitting axe or the machine for a splitting of firewood. However if to be exact, it is necessary to see a difference between these two concepts. The splitting axe and cleaverRead More

I will sell cleaver japa 385 in a warehouse of the official dealer (the offer, Pskov)

The official dealer offers cleaver Japa 385 (Finland). Productivity of 4-10 m3 bulk firewood at oclock, the maximum diameter of a processed material of 38 cm, length of preparation to 52 see. Effort of a raskolka of 6 tons or 8 tons. Three updatings of managementRead More

Rubilnye cars, grinders, trelevochny carts, cleaver, drying chambers, crushers, mills – all for the wood-working equipment

Grinder of CH wood of 180 F - from a tractor with manual giving Grinder of CH wood of 180 HF - from a tractor with hydrogiving (VIDEO) Grinder of CH wood of 260 F - from a tractor with manual giving CH 260 OEM F wood grinder - from the electric motorRead More

Self-made konusny cleaver

Today city dwellers have weaned from a splitting of firewood. Not so still long ago, and in rural areas where heating of the majority of houses occurs wood furnaces, and up to that moment this occupation is one of vital in a train of others, unusual for city lifeRead More

Ruled cabins – a wood portal les-ru.com, the wood, a site about the wood

In the places intended for rest, and also on the sites located along the rivers, roads, the wood is cut down for 20-40 years later, and separate most picturesque groves keep to their natural death. Timely carrying out timber cuttings is the basic principle ofRead More