Technologies of the cabin of fellings of houses, fellings of baths.

The most ancient way of wooden construction - construction of houses from massive wood. So professionals call a log. Such material entirely meets the requirements of the customer who appreciates an integral tree its unique thermal and ecological qualities. ForRead More

The self-made drovokolny machine the hands

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Electrochisel – an electric chisel for processing of a tree

processing To return to the list of terms Elektrostamesks description (or a chisel electric) - a type of the electrotool, some kind of hybrid of the chisel, the habitual tool of any carver, and the minimachine for wood processing. The electrochiselRead More

Wood processing on an example of manufacturing of a childrens bench – the diploma

processing To download a demo the version Task Endurance from work Similar works Work does not approach? Task for wood Processing on an example of manufacturing of a childrens bench Introduction 3 Chapter I. Wood as constructional material 6 1.1. PropertiesRead More

Deforestation in Russia

the Best ready paper on a subject: Deforestation in Russia. Dynamics of deforestation. The Russian economy always kept on the basis of mass export of natural resources. At different times the leading role was played by different resources (for example, till XVIIIRead More

Drovokol texas powersplit 600v

There is nothing better, than to spend cold autumn and winter evenings sitting at a fireplace with friends or a family. Now you can spend much less time and forces for preparation of firewood and to spend more pleasant moments with relatives. Texas represents aRead More