Industrial cleaver from Austria

Industrial cleaver from Austria Recently in our country offers of use of alternative power sources even more often sound. One of such sources is - the Wood. The majority who uses boiler rooms on firewood, face the same problem - how to receive necessary quantityRead More

About measures for prevention of illegal fellings of trees coniferous

CITY ADMINISTRATION APATITY RESOLUTION from December 13, 2001 of N 819 ABOUT MEASURES FOR PREVENTION OF ILLEGAL FELLINGS OF TREES CONIFEROUS BREEDS During the pre-New Years period the significant damage is caused to the woods of the area by illegalRead More

Article 260. the illegal cabin of wood plantings – the criminal code in actual edition

cabin We represent 20 best cities for holiday: visa information how to reach what to look? On April 15 2014 The world countries Top-10 with low taxes for business We represent 10 countries with the most favourable conditions of the taxation for businessRead More

The tool for manual processing of a tree – the equipment – the manual tool

processing-> Cutting, pileniye, srubaniye, planing - the most widespread stages of work with a tree. The tool for manual processing of a tree plays important role at work with a tree. Moreover, quality of performance of work depends on the tool. Before beginningRead More

The tool for woodcarving –

processing For performance of all types of a carving, various elements of an ornament of the dwelling, furniture, souvenirs and other hand-made articles the special tool is necessary. The tool for a carving can be distinguished as the main (cutting) andRead More

The tool of the joiner – manual processing of wood

processing Separate stages of processing of details and their assembly are divided into operations which are carried out by joiners on the workplaces. Depending on technology of processing workplaces are equipped with mechanisms and the corresponding adaptationsRead More